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August 17, 2016


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Its a catastrophe, Paul. Charges must be brought where they can legitimately be brought.

I've less and less respect for authority. For the free pass that positions of power somehow gives people to treat others like shit or dead meat. Its not acceptable. The man has no legitimacy. Its is arbitrary power focused on arbitrary barbarity.

Its obvious that, Assad, is a murderer. Its easy to ignore what is going on. That is a large part of the problem. But what is going on is horrifying e.g large scale torture and mutilation.

I don't disagree with your analysis at all. But that is something we'll have to deal with. What is the international community and its institutions for if not to prevent genocide, to stop human rights abuses and to marshal the goodwill that exists (not that there is much of it) to find solutions?

Paul Flynn

Thanks. It's a hideous impossibly confused series of ancient and modern hatreds that are incomprehensible to most Westerners. The growing conflict between Turks and Kurds is very worrying. Our attempts to pose as world peacemakers have had bloody consequences in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't how our humanitarian bombing is improving things at the moment. But parliament voted that we should do 'our bit' Whatever that may be.


Suppressing comments you dont like ...not very good form Paul Flynn


It's a pity you didn't do more to stop the college being closed in the first place. Leighton Andrews came to the campus three years ago and said that Newport and Glamorgan would merge, that no one would lose their jobs and that no campuses would close. What did we see? An exodus of staff and Caerleon closed. You just can't trust politicians.


True but you have to take the fight to them. That is destroy it as an organisation. Demoralise, divide, strangulate. Its the right cause.


We may eventually destroy the followers of Isis but I have a suspicion that the vile underlying belief and attraction to it will persist for much longer to erupt into our world.


A terrible war. So much rebuilding to be done whenever it ends. But that is what has to happen in my opinion. I don't know how else the many millions of refugees can be lifted out of trouble and suffering.

I don't want to talk out of turn or upset anyone. I'm just a layman and many others could do the subject better justice than I. But there is no reason why, if the will and generosity is there, this mess cannot be fixed.

Assad has to go. Replacing him should be people who are committed to peace, not a hereditary dictator who has routinely and barbarically killed Syrian civilians. Not much to ask, so not beyond reasonable hope.

Don't let it become a proxy war for the regional and global powers. That depends to a large extent on the better voices prevailing and lobbying for sensible and just progress to be made. Then maybe the efforts of the Syrians themselves having a bit of luck.

And then let all the misfortune come upon ISIS instead. They clearly are not fit to walk this Earth. That is one thing that should unite opinion. With the clause that they are allowed to abandon the cause and try to put it right. I don't see any other options. So, yes, they need to be destroyed.

There doesn't seem to be much going on in terms of government leadership and amongst your colleagues. Worst case scenarios could get very bad indeed and a "can't be arsed, not my problem" attitude should not be allowed to continue.

As I say, let the more knowledgeable heads get on it and hold the appointed decision makers to account. Lets face it most of them are only seeking self advancement. They have failed so far and do not necessarily have honourable intentions.

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