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July 08, 2016


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I wonder what sentence he should receive? We all rightly hate Thatcher, and I reckon she is paying for it now, but I'd like to see developments towards corporeal justice served as soon as possible. Can't say I have much grounds for optimism, but who knows?

The man isn't even sorry and has said so. He left a country in ruins. Chilcot blames him in particular. There must be something to show for that in light of the reports' findings. You can go to jail for shoplifting. What about for pursuing an agenda of war DESPITE the protestations of your peers and the advice of the JIC to see reason? It was in no way reasonable behaviour and the consequences were and still are massive. Instead the man expresses no real remorse and indeed is raking it in off the back of his notoriety. e.g. the American Neocon right who he threw his lot in with all his inhumane zeal.

Lets send him to where he belongs. Lets NOT forget. Maybe there isn't the stomach for it amongst those with the authority to do it. Honestly, I think it would be the best thing all round. Or do we not want to make an expert dissembler stand up as a man, and not as a former Prime Minister? The report has extensively laid the groundwork for the charges.

Its in the public interest, in the interests of justice and in the interests of future generations to have a precedent where one has to be set.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Elaine.

Chilcot is much better tan expected. The truth at last.

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Elaine Robinson

Well done Paul. I was on the anti-war march and was proud to say my MP voted against the war.
I have often wondered if Blair would have been so keen if his son had been in the front line. Bush wasn't keen to be on the front line himself was he?
Let's hope we learn lessons - hard to see many Labour MPs so defiant in the face of the obvious.

Keith Darlington

Blair largely got away with what he did because his sycophantic acolytes in New Labour nodded through everything without a blink of an eye. They were at it again in the Commons on Wednesday, showing no humility or recognising the the scale of the horror inflicted as a result of this horrific war. I watched the likes of Hilary Benn, Alan Johnson, and Margaret Becket, in the Commons give their reactions to Chilcott and not one of them could bring themselves round to acknowledge the mistakes stated by Chilcott. Rather than acknowledging the truthful, authoritative findings in Chilcott, they were trying desperately hard not to have to criticise their old mate Tony Blair. Indeed, Jonathan Dimblebey said earlier that they normally rush to do Any Questions in the BBC Radio 4 program, but now they are nowhere to be found now, probably after seeing one of their ilk got a grilling on Question Time last night.

In their Commons speeches, all they could do was babble on about how it was good to get rid of Saddam rather than recognise the infinitely worse horror there now. They did not show regret for the 150,000 lives lost according to Chilcott, or the chaos and misery inflicted on the lives of the Iraq population since Blair's war started. Over three million displaced. This is a country where basics like electric, water, and so on hardly exist since the war.Children are kept away from schools because of they fear not getting home alive.

As Chilcot said, Blair was not challenged in part because of his style of government which was not conducive to the opinions of others. These supine Blairite cabinet members probably now realise that criticism of Blair will reflect badly on them and that is why they are desperately trying to defend him now. Shame on them, they should be contrite enough to recognise that Blair is poison to the Labour movement and the quicker they disown him, the better. It is the legacy of Blair which is destroying Labour not Corbyn. Labour will not be able to move on until the Party comes to terms with Blair's Iraq war.

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