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July 03, 2016


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I have high hopes for this. But surely it can only be the beginning of a process of weeding out those who, when trusted with authority, make decisions of life and death often for dishonorable reasons. By which I mean: a conceited attitude and a lack of interest in the interests of those affected by their decisions. They try to bluff their way through on weighty matters time and again. I hope the report shows that in stark relief. And that we can then get on with making amends with a basis to do so.

Its no small matter. An obvious point that I think those who made the fateful decisions were negligent in realising. And that should be corrected. The House must make reforms as a starting point, for the good of all. Hopefully that is amongst the conclusions and findings. I've said it before but they are not happy with honours, riches and posts in high office. They must also undermine and snatch away from that which is left to the majority. The crumbs that they depend on are not safe. Their political doctrines are as much on trial, though that is for us to make sense of. I'm not expecting a pure unmixed draught of truth. False political doctrines and lying leaders need to be challenged and put to shame by US or we can see just how funereal the results can be.

They caused and left a huge mess. They cannot walk away from that. That was caused by deliberate decisions, arguments and untruths taken up by the political establishment and press. Therefore, I and many others say to them, "you must answer for it". And I hope the report begins to do the same. This isn't a side issue. Politicians who in their doctrinal dementedness and self-righteousness condemned millions of people to death, loss of family, torture, hardship, fear. Who took their country back generations and poisoned the wider region. They are the real enemy of the people.

There are good and bad MPs. The events following this report will illustrate that for many. That is what the real divisions are about. I'm sick of the most privileged and advantaged in their manic greed pushing others around so glibly. Racism, cruelty, incompetence, casual barbarity; this is what power and authority has meant for Iraq. Did they protect their lives, their interests or even OURS? No, I don't need Chilcot to answer that. Will the report recommend that 'we', by which I mean firstly our clearly guilty ruling authorities, should take it upon themselves with the utmost urgency to rescue those displaced and ameliorate the forces of sectarianism which they set in motion? How else can we approach redemption and self-respect?

Everyone can see through Blair. A demented idiot, charlatan and earnest Bush lickspittle. Will Chilcot deliver? That's up to us. At best (for him) he is in for it. That is if the report amounts to anything more than an establishment whitewash, which I believe it must.

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