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June 08, 2016


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That was what was sold to the people. Privately I think it must have been a lot more calculating and ruthless. Or did capital's ruling class interests just happen to coincide with the selfish ambitions of the New Labour spinmasters?

There is not enough to go around is their mentality (there's no way they are going to let renewables become the solution) even though there IS in reality. We could get by on a lot less for a long time, but does that make the few excessively rich at everyone else's expense? You will find your answer there. Blair and his cohorts should be hammered because they hijacked the reigns of power and swindled the people.

He is such a fraud. He thinks he can get away with it indefinitely by assuming authority and status and altering the discourse away from grounds where he can get more than a slight criticism or slap on the wrist in official terms. It takes a leap of faith in the face of denial, legal obfuscation and misleading false narratives to call out what the genuine can see clearly. That we were and are led by criminals who aggressively push their lies on the public at our expense.

Questions: is there a lack of conviction, confidence etc. amongst your colleagues to highlight violations of authority or are they really just so self absorbed that they will look the other way whilst the country is lied to and misruled? Do good MPs lack faith in their convictions or are there simply not enough of these good people? Is it selfish indifference in a system which promotes fraudsters?

It has been said by some that they would keep us dazed and in a state of confusion/ panic so that we will look to authority for solutions and put our own interests into the hands of those who will at every opportunity trample all over them.

Its TRADITION to allow aristocrats with £millions to throw their weight around and belittle and undermine the rest. There's not a hint of 'does this pass for acceptable, honest and worthy in June 2016?'. They don't abide by the rules that we live by and that they impose on us. That last sentence is hardly adequate but I'm not the one to expand at this moment. But I'll try one example of the blatant hypocrisy of our ruling system: welfare claimants are a burden to be officially harassed, oil companies, arms manufactures and lying politicians are to be coddled and patted on the head. Well it shouldn't be like that because being led by heartless bastards tends to ruin the interests of the rest of us and it can't be expressed how others abroad are baring the brunt of that.

Lies are not acceptable and not to be glossed over. Even more so when they lead the country and affect the world. Misleading your colleagues and the public is a gross crime. Don't let them fear monger and create a climate of anxiety as it suits them. Don't look to a leadership which tries only to promote its own authority. Otherwise it will ruin everything in its path.

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