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June 09, 2016


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Its one sizable dent in their armour and one window opened. Who loses? The 'eternal British people'? (I know, but come on...) Or those who assume authority on behalf of the privileged few at the behest of capital? Its not SUPPOSED to be a temporary fix. Which is why those arguing against each other on the immediate consequences have missed the point. Capital WILL fail. It doesn't care who or what it drags down with it.

Brexit is the reality and cannot be revoked realistically. Those seeking to make it a meaningless decision risk further exposure to the people, who have just as much right to a share and a say as those who arrogantly assume authority.

Its not to be regretted if the pound falls against the Euro or if the FTSE dives (and why would they let it?). There is only one outcome. We've taken a step forward for us and the next generation which to me at least is very refreshing.

They haven't listened to US, why should we be concerned about what THEY say? In other words: they haven't helped US, now they expect us to worry about what it means for THEIR interests?

They would bury the lot of us for a profit. Time to bury them instead. Or at least as in this instance begin to build their coffin. These are after all people who act pompously while hurting the innocent. That needs a re-phrase: these people assume authority and use it to scheme against the people who mistakenly rely upon them for justice. Instead they scheme to screw us out the million and bung their friends the billion. Not the best sentence like. I don't see them giving up and humbly accepting this. Its surely a positive step even if not immediately apparent.

Capital HAS thrived, particularly here, but it will I believe be burnt down. Why do I say that? It was an idea that flourished and made advances. But only for a while. Ultimately it left many people in many places gradually worse off. We are not tied to it. They act like public school prefects, which lets face it the majority of them were.

Its a plot rather than a conspiracy. A whisky faced successful capitalist inculcates their offspring with nothing more noble than arrogant greed. We are not below them. They will be served. Not out of vindictiveness (or that even more contemptible accusation of 'envy') but of JUSTICE.

Paul Flynn

Many thanks.

I am aware of the George Street reading of the Riot Act in the twenties and I know from hand-me-down stories from my own families of violence against Irish Immigrants in 1850s. I had not heard about the pogrom in Tredegar. Must look that up. I recently read a book about the last Jews in the Valleys as part of the process of local families moving to London.

But these events do not alter my claim. The Irish descendants of Irish immigrants held 3 of the local MPs seats until recently and other communities have been well assimilated including Asians, Somalis, West Indians and East Europeans. In many cities there are ghettoes of immigrant groups. Not here. Newport is good example of racial harmony.

Best wishes,


"Newport has a 200 year proud history of hospitality and compassion to newcomers."

Unfortunately not completely true, Paul: there were race riots in which black and south-east Asian people were attacked by whites in 1919 and in 1911 the then home secretary Winston Churchill was forced to call out the troops when one of the few anti-Jewish pogroms that took place outside the Tsarist empire happened in nearby Tredegar in 1911. Earlier in the 1850s anti-Irish sentiment was quite widespread too amongst the largely protestant Newport population.

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