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April 28, 2016


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Not that I mind you giving the Tories a kicking, in fact I applaud you for it because so many of them ARE bigoted in one form or another, but I'm wary of the conflation of Brexit arguments with bigotry. I've not read the full debate I hasten to add. Good to see the party riven though and you can rile them up as much as you want as far as I'm concerned.

A question you and your readers may be able to tackle better than me: how much of a union are we really talking about as it stands? In other words, who benefits from this 'union'? Its only as good for US as the ruling class and its interests allow. I'll tell you where I stand, I'd like to see it destroyed. They have shown themselves as enemies of socialist principles. I'm not going to wait around for another decade in the hope that they reform themselves and 'come good'.

Why should we look to bureaucrats for our collective stability? Its weak anyway, nobody's heart is in it. People are happier and more equal if they have more control over their own concerns.

Operation Mare Nostrum was a project with EU involvement. Its remit was to save migrants crossing the Mediterranean from drowning. It was cancelled because European governments wouldn't stump up a few £million because saving people from drowning would 'only encourage them' as their argument boiled down to. None of them stood up and people died. Still, protect fortress Europe hey?


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