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April 02, 2016


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Also putting the country as a hostage to fortune. Do we want a world or do twenty generations from now want a world where nuclear waste is a burden?

Its not as if they haven't asked for it. Which a problem. Hubris? Dimness?

From reading your blog generally and this particular one I don't know why the governments' plans are not thoroughly ridiculed and laughed out of the debate for the sheer demented stubbornness and refusal to have a debate. Lets just invest in increasingly dangerous nonrenewable energy for the next generation at huge cost and risk.

I don't want to get to vehement and I know its essentially about competing interests but you have to feel that these are just bad people attempting to run the show. Bad people in government leads to bad solutions for the country's future.

If they want it they should pay for it. I'll expand there. They ARE cruel. That is their business. Its not just a political point-scoring device. Britain as you know is a world leader in military arms sales. They are killers, as much as any terrorist. They and their American counterparts have shown that it is the progressive that they go after (undermine and kill).

So the next generation of plans will go ahead. Unless we stop allowing THEM to go ahead and continue attacking in every sense those who have offered no provocation. Give them a death wound and file them in history's moral failures.

I believe Paul, the real problem is inequality. Its evil and insidious. I'll tell you why. Generally speaking the rich only care about their own material wealth, yet keep power away from the likes of yourself who want judgement and justice where their is none. Yet it is they who are deluded. They will be and should be dispossessed. Simply put, there are more of us, we don't need them and we have principles. Plus good people with good intentions always overcome the weaker minded.

When is the last time you heard a convincing speech from these murderers? I suppose in these times it is important to stick to whatever principles you have and defend them.

To be honest, what is happening is that they are persecuting us. The wicked judge US. I try to speak responsibly but it should be US condemning THEM . They know this but most people don't.

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