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April 16, 2016


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They need to be taken down a peg or two. They've blood on their hands and need to be chastised for it for our benefit. Tactically they are trapped now and have to face up to it. It shouldn't be necessary, but reasonable voices in the likes of you and Adam Holloway must be heard.

They thought they had gotten away with it no doubt. Its not even chastisement honestly speaking. Its confirmation that, yes, they did lie. They ran away from responsibility and still do. They allowed theft and murder to take place. Through their own negligence they lost a war. Their only shot at redemption is to acknowledge these failings instead of more hot air which we have had for the last 10 years. Not to PRETEND and simply posture along the lines of "we could have done better on reflection" and then go back to their former behaviour with all that that it entails. I believe Guantanamo Bay is still holding prisoners without due process. It happens in Afghanistan too.

I'm not asking for self-flagellation. I'm asking them to do their duty which they are supposedly trained up for. A degree of fixing that which is broken. A change in direction which they are paid and elected for. I predict they will respond with a ridiculous insolence, which says it all.

Its somewhat troubling that the law does not apply in terms of foreign policy and war making and all that it entails. There are two problems: not enough people are paying attention, secondly we are mired in corruption. Perhaps not of monetary gain but of negligence and, lets be honest, criminality in every sense. Again, there are no rules apparently.

Now, I know this is largely negative but I believe things can move in the direction of rectification. In which I mean I expect at minimum the governance of this country to exude a more civilised and responsible representation. One characterised by decency, honesty and levelheadedness.

Don't let them sow the wind.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. I am baffled that this key speech was not picked up I have highlighted in an article to be published in the Parliaments House Magazine and I have raised the contents of the speech repeatedly in the Commons. I will raise at Business Questions tomorrow.

thanks for your interest,

Paul Flynn MP


I don't understand why this hasn't been picked up by the media. As you say an authoritative source saying some pretty important things which you were kicked out of the chamber for not so long ago.

Is there no comeback or redress? Does this not raise a flicker of concern even if only for a degree of self-preservation that the country is not lead to ruin in the future or ruins other countries to our own detriment?

Surely credibility and reputation also comes into it. Also, offering pretexts to those who can turn it against us. To be hated and contemptible to a large part of the world for who knows how long is not in our interest. Throwing their weight around arrogantly just because they can looks like what it is: xenophobic, hubristic and arrogant.

They are not exactly making us friends and who knows what the ramifications will be when you flush peoples' hopes and futures down the toilet for generations. Their behaviour reeks of complacency, buck passing and negligence. Holloway describes it yet we barely get a shrug in reaction. Foolish.

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