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April 22, 2016


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Nothing to disagree with there. Can't fault her conduct over so many decades. Done her duty excellently and is clearly a wise head. And I don't say that that could have been easy given that she and her family have all sorts of duties to fulfill and live a large part of their lives in the public eye. I daresay that she is a good person as are others in their clan. It is though surely getting old that she is referred to as 'her majesty' and 'her royal highness'. She is a sinner like everyone else and whether inadvertently or through ignorance has been the cornerstone of much that is wrong with this country.

It can't be good for your ego to be constantly called 'your majesty' and be bowed to by the real leadership. Yet in fairness most of them get on with it. I might be going against the majority, if they indeed still overwhelmingly support the institution, but surely the purpose for them in this century should be giving up much of their immense wealth, land and property and distributing it to the treasury or even better to those in need. That would give them plenty to do and would make them more popular. Secondly (and again people must love it), doing away with quite so much deference in ceremony and day to day. Why do they have or need so much?

In fact the more I write about it the more I'm convinced that there IS a great deal of ignorance and complacency in royal circles. I wouldn't bow and mumble 'your majesty' and accept honours, although I would be tempted just to be able to write OBE etc. after my name when I was signing on. Yet laughably Jeremy Corbyn was castigated for not bowing PROPERLY.

She must have problems like anyone else.

Then again there was this from her son.


/leveller rant

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