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March 26, 2016


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Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your points are noted. I do appreciate you have no doubt seen a lifetimes worth of political cynacism. I hope opportunity presents itself to meet in the future and discuss further. In the meantime I remain optimistic our politicians look to work together for Newport/Wales good, no matter their party.

Paul Flynn

Thanks. I am grateful for your letter.

I certainly think people who vote for other parties are often sincere and bright. But working at the heart of the political machine I abhor the opportunism and dishonesty that drives a great deal of political ambition. My criticism of some the decisions of my own party has often been very frank. In my books `I make clear the great weaknesses in our political systems. In the coming Assembly election the scheming of two former Tory MPs should be exposed. They are likely to be elected through the back door. Does the voting public really understand the political PR system that permits this? Its a similar problem with the de-selection of William Graham who served Newport well. Newport Tories that I have discussed this with are puzzled.

Best wishes,

Paul Flynn MP  

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Mr Flynn, you are a long time Labour member and committed socialist. Your principals and loyalty to your party are clear and respected by all. Also as an elected member since 1987 not many more will have had more time as MP (I would hazard a guess you are close to being Father of the house)

I would just like to point out that the huge majority of people don't have the same political partisan passion. Indeed many of us like some of the policies of all the parties.

I have noticed an increasing personal hostility in your language in blogs, tweets etc. If I agree with just one policy of the Tories, am I a nasty person. Am I deluded if I agree with one Lib Dem policy? With regards Brexit you must be aware that polls show things are close. Those who consider mad?

At the 2015 election 58.8% of the constituents who turned out did not vote Labour. I would ask that you respect many people have different views and seek more conciliatory / respectful language. I’m sure you’ll find more people willing to listen. Including myself.

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