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January 10, 2016


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Jerym eedy

Inevitably It's never long before any discussion degenerates into a "yeah, but what about" rant.

Marc Mitchell

You probably don't care, but I don't think you realize the level anger Parliament's public shaming and attempted banning of Donald Trump has generated among many United States citizens, including me. I do not support Trump and I do not agree with or endorse any of his statements that have the UK so up in arms. But that really isn't the point. The sight of members of Parliament so self righteously and arrogantly belittling a United States presidential candidate will not soon be forgotten.


I may be mistaken but I always thought the 'home of democracy' was actually Greece as opposed to the USA.

Moreover, if it's true that the formation of the USA involved violently stealing the land from the indigenous population to build settlements on it then it begs the question of why you don't similarly lionize Israel in such glowing terms but instead join the chorus of denouncing its activities as that of a 'rogue state' If you read up on some of the atrocities carried out by largely Christian European settlers on the indigenous populations of the Americas they might make Benjamin Netanyahu look like Albert Schweitzer!;)


If MPs are debating banning Donald Trump from the UK for his hate-speak against people because of their religion then why are they not also debating banning fellow Republican presidential candidates Cruz and Carson for their almost daily homophobia and transphobia? If picking on someone because of their religion or race automatically *trumps* (if you'll pardon the pun)doing so for their sexuality or gender identity then it is as well to remember that homophobia and transphobia are as serious enough diseases to have seen tens of thousands of LGBT people rounded up and murdered in Nazi death camps during the holocaust. How severe enough does the oppression and persecution of LGBT people have to get before a largely heterosexist and gender normative mainstream political elite take it seriously? Indeed, by not taking homophobia and transphobia as seriously as racism and religious persecution is to acctually aid and abet it by effectively buying into the idea that being gay or trans is somehow a lifestyle choice and not an immutable characteristic one is born with such as race. Food for thought, Paul?

pauline randall

Sorry but there are more important things our MP's should be debating about in the UK other than Donald Trump. lets face it he's a nut case anyway,

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