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January 21, 2016


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You've been the foremost proponent of reform as far as I know. So please take the following as intended to be constructive rather than criticism on your part.

The issue needs to be reviewed. Elected governors need to be reminded of their duty to the public good rather than to an easy life from the press, without having to learn the scientific rationale behind their stance. I feel that unless they or their nearest and dearest are put into the shoes of affliction they will never perform that duty conscientiously.

Most of them are at bottom hypocrites. Themselves currently or at one point illegal drug users. They need to be roused out of their inattention and lazy neglectful approach. I hope some members of the cabinet or opposition front bench develop some condition or illness which leaves them desperate for reform on cannabis.
Why should we be content about current legislation? They know what is best for us? What a joke.

There are two paths the government of this country could go down. First one is that they have a bit of humility and serve their consciences rather than the establishment. That would ultimately be towards their own benefit. They would benefit from actually being useful to the common good in their careers and have more self respect. Unfortunately I'm not sure that would appeal to hacks and careerists, but how many that applies to on this issue I'm not sure either. I'm willing to allow that they MAY yet come to their senses.

The second option. They do NOT listen. They POSE as responsible governors whilst not listening to a word of argument or evidence whilst complaining when the law DOES eventually reach equity. They ignore the evidence, scientific and rational, and finish their careers and indeed their lives as non-entities when it could have been different.

I doubt they care one way or the other if anyone for whatever reason uses cannabis.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. No natural cannabis is not legal here but is throughout an increasing number of states. Sense is dawning.

Paul Flynn MP  


As far as I know even medicinal use of cannabis has still not been given the go ahead apart from licensed overly expensive suppliers and not available on the NHS except in rare circumstances. This despite the popularity and widespread use of the drug recreationally. People are left to suffer rather than given relief which I think is reprehensible. People might actually enjoy it too, particularly sick people and the government it seems is not about to go for that. Lets just persist with this prohibition which leaves it in the hands of criminal gangs and available to children. I've lost count of the number of times I've walked past a group of school age children and caught an unmistakable whiff of cannabis. That is the current state of affairs as I understand it. Bad governance doing its illogical best to do more harm than good.

There is a list here:

Not that I'm qualified in such matters but if even a fraction of the conditions listed can be improved by use of cannabis then the government is hurting and distressing people by not allowing them to use it. As far as I can see for simple political convenience.

There is an alternative for SOME of the sick and disabled, pay £thousands for something you can get at a fraction of the cost on the black market.

Just some thoughts. Though perhaps not strictly relevant, the issue is after all largely ignored by your colleagues.

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