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January 23, 2016


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Paul Flynn

Many thanks. I believe there is a great deal in what you say. A study on narcissistic personality syndrome might help.

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Anthony Lawton

The blackmail by CEO Miss Batmanghelidh, supported by well-connected but negligent, ill-informed (about children and youth services) trustees, mirrors the blackmailing behaviour I would expect to be part of some children-clients’s approach to both their parents and the charity. If great care is not taken, service-charities unconsciously take on the characteristics of their clients , or sometimes they exploit those same behaviours. Both may be true in the Kids Company case. But very ironic for a service led by a psyhco-therapist; or then again maybe it was just those insights that she exploited.

Caveat Emptor (and Caveat Venditor) are legal principles that are relevant in the world of charity financing as well as the world of commerce.

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