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December 01, 2015


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Paul Flynn

While the world becomes more polarised the nation's leaders charge on with their personal agendas that could create the great divide that Daesh want.


Tories and Blairites are always on the side of more war and more destruction. They haven't even made a good case which after Afghanistan and Iraq (which really helped to get us here in the first place) the majority of them haven't learnt any lessons. They are prepared to rush in again without any real pretext, unnecessarily and without public support. Lots of vainglory in the debate but little in the way of logic and reality.

There is a deep current of foolishness in regards to war making that flows through Parliament driven by lack of grounding in decency and humility. Even the right wing commentators had called it right and there is huge public skepticism. No amount of serious scrutiny and counsel seemed to have any bearing. In fact in only seemed to make them even more bullish as evidenced by Cameron's offensive and ludicrous "terrorist sympathisers" outburst. Put it this way, I don't trust Cameron and the others to look after the best interests of Syrians. I doubt they will give them much thought but they are quite relaxed about putting their lives at risk.

I think this will haunt them. I hope those who were opposed, a large minority in Parliament and a majority in the public are undaunted by this disappointment. Though it seems like the warmongers STILL have the upper hand I believe it will come back to bite them and then maybe it will enhance the credibility of their opponents in the longer term. It could well be very damaging given the leader of the opposition was rightly opposed along with the majority of the public. It will stir up opposition. Its just more evidence of their lack of integrity and compassion which the public will see right through. He is already a joke. But a reckless and dangerous one if that makes any sense...

So the Tories and their Blairite allies, making the world safer and more stable? Or sowing chaos as has been the case for most of the last 15 years?


Paul - thank you for writing common sense following statements yesterday from many MPs that I found lacked any serious notion of 'debate', but was characterised by hackneyed phrases and the absence of serious consideration of the wider issues, some of which you have written about in this posting. I am utterly appalled by Cameron's comment describing opponents to the motion as 'terrorist sympathisers' and feel ashamed that the Prime Minister has reached a new 'puffed-up low'. It is perfectly clear that ISIS is goading the powers that be to choose war, and this will undoubtedly alienate more disenfranchised young people into joining ISIS in a world that is becoming more polarised as a result of geopolitical grabs for power that are destabilising the world at an increasingly alarming rate.

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