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December 06, 2015


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Paul Flynn

The three of them have domestic agendas that determine their policies. Cameron has the EU to please. Hollande is desperate to survive. Trump is on mission impossible (we hope). All are risking creating the Daesh dream of a world at war betweeen the two religions. Frightening.


Paul, its a disgrace for the whole world is perhaps one way of looking at it. But they wouldn't listen. They never have and seemingly never will. That to me suggests we are fighting the wrong battle. There isn't even any accountability.

They are dragging us down. They won't and probably CAN'T listen. The only way out is a real shift which too many of your colleagues are too complacent to contemplate.

Why do they act when they only provoke the situation? Why do they pretend to know what to do and inevitably throw fuel on a raging fire which they've created?

This war is not going to end and as I say it is now the whole world's problem. This is what happens when you run the world and send armies on faulty principles. They are dragging the world backwards. The question is: why?

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