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December 08, 2015


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Todd Millions

1-send Ms Rudd to Cologne and leave her at the train station(that will scare them off).
2-forget the pumped storage and tidal Barrage.Tempting I know but testing of 'nodding duck' wave power units that can be incorporated into harbor maintenance and expansion works is a higher priority.
3-The interlinks to Europe particularly to existing power grids,and on to the East.We live on a sphere(whod of thunk!)-and its turning!So sun and wind(smeared sun) is available at all times-you just have to move the power extracted from it to where its needed.The wires are already there and merely require connecting-NOT by Tennant!
Then you(and the Germans) can tell the evil french to shut down the nucs or you pull their plug.They will comply.

Paul Flynn

Its been published in the z
House of Commons magazine, thanks for your interest.

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Love this! Has Amber Rudd had a read? Suki in Somerset

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Suki Lilienthal

Love this! Has Amber Rudd had a read? Suki in Somerset

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