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December 23, 2015


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Better to trust him than the "princes" who command such a shit mob of MPs and have control over armies.

A war is now where you make things worse by sending "special forces" to take on the "taliban". Literally in support of warlords who rape children and strap people to tank tracks.

Here is the thing, as has been extensively documented (for example in Bitter Lake) they aren't even 'the taliban' but rather unemployed men who object to having a corrupt and abusive central government imposed upon them. With good reason.

I'm sure you would want to be left alone too. The law which has formulated this conflict is subverted and without principle. That may sound like guff but think about it. The "taliban" who remember are largely driven into BECOMING so-called Taliban by NATO actions are given no room politically or religiously. Very likely you or I would be classed as Taliban if the situation was reversed.

But wait, they are 'evil'. So NATO must be good. They are next to inhuman. Beef up the corrupt and abusive central government. Get even more sneaky and dark with the air strikes and night raids and imprison and abuse even more without a care for due process. THAT is their solution.

Violence is acceptable if you wear a suit and tie and have the agreement of politicians and media commentators. They not only injure men but revel in it. They enjoy violence.

We allow them to persecute which is what it boils down to. I've no doubt that they believe in their superiority, their exceptionalism. The Prince of Peace would surely take a dim view of them. Whether you worship him in particular or not the example of hatred for abuse of power and corrupted state violence is a valid one.

The sickening thing is that they adopt a christian facade and even have a christmas day message. It annoys me. That's one example where we should all find common ground. That's a trap in itself when you think about it.

Justice. That is the ideal. Watching the current mob or indeed the previous one you won't get it.

Now I will say a few things:

There IS no faith in political circles. That is a given. Its out of date. OK fair enough I'm not really here to argue about that. But its sinister that they would co-opt that instrument of rebellion. They have whittled everything down until there is nothing left. We need to improve, and can quite easily. What I am saying is from the Queen and the royal family down to the Prime Minister and his cabinet is that they AREN'T christians in any way shape or form. You can't trust them, and if that is what they assume to be you are allowed to CHALLENGE them upon that basis. Enough of this bullshit please.

We know they ALL LIE. But what is not acknowledged is that they deliberately deceive us CONSTANTLY. I'll break that down. They spread false political doctrine and control the discourse. You mix in the many times proven corruption. You add in the constant language meant to flatter, deceive and divide. You see it in their faces and read stories every day that they are hypocrites. But they are double-minded. There is NO soundness or integrity in their words.

I pray that that they would just shut up. That they would suffer affliction and disaster. That they would realise that they are the inadequate irrelevancies which they are. But for that to happen I humbly submit that better people need to challenge them and take up their position.

You see they think THEY are supreme. They are bred to believe that whatever they say if done with enough front and eloquence will always carry the day. You can get away with almost anything if you assume AUTHORITY.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. I'm sure this shanty town of Sangin will be bombed to smithereens to mark our festival of the Prince of Peace. Fear is driving force. Fear by politicians that their lie will be exposed. The big lie was ordering our soldiers to lay down their lives to avoid terrorism in UK and Cameron's claim of December 2013 that Afghanistan was 'mission accomplished." Reoccupation of Helmand will expose the great lie that fuelled the war of futility for 13 years.



To sacrifice soldiers and civilians' lives is serious enough. To do it for the cause of futility, stupidity and severe dereliction of responsibility and duty is another.

As far as I'm concerned their reputation went out of the window with this war making. There was no cause more crucial and they blew it. They should be made to worry about judgement from the public as well as their colleagues that retain an ounce of sense. I don't see why they should remain in power and enjoy the liberty which they have denied others.

Liars and purveyors of false, faulty and less than workmanlike narratives should be instantly held to account by their colleagues and not allowed to continue to the next disaster posturing as hard headed pragmatists. Too many MPs and media commentators are eager to offer their chest beating solutions instead of actually witnessing what is being done.

Your arguments have been consistent and valid. Your oppenents try and somehow manage by sheer front. Hard faced, stubborn THEY have consistantly lied. Its like they have made zero effort and have simply covered their own interests and have never sought to ammend the situation. That is what their "resolve" boils down to.

Why is an important question. Perhaps for others to tackle. All I will say is that they are foolish and digging their own graves. Their grand scheme will not in the end benefit their interests. How could it be otherwise when they have lived such over privileged elitist existences? Its rare that a politician with such sagacity is not co-opted by their would be masters into disseminating that which they selfishly decide is towards their own advantage.

Yes, the country should be ready to act in terms of war when absolutely neccesary. But you cannot go charging around the globe on the pretext that you must eliminate every threat they decide upon no matter what the results and actual consequences.

The rich despise the poor and they deny it and tell us the poor envy the rich. One is true. We need them and they don't need us we are told constantly and that is their prerogative. They are not cautious. They march us into traps. Proceeding from one mistake to the next one. We are the ones left with the all too often bitter results. They are full of their own greed and self-importance which they assume as their entitlement and right.

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