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November 22, 2015


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Paul Flynn

Pity they did not repeat the whole interview which would have put the comment in context. I wrote this article on October 1 and it was published in the House of Commons magazine. The bit quoted is what I said then about Leaders who are liabilities.
Best wishes,

Paul Flynn

Article from House Magazine
Labour MPs must get behind our leader
No quibbling or backbiting, the way ahead for the Parliamentary Labour Party is to get behind our leader, writes Paul Flynn

These are exciting, exhilarating times, when the extraordinary becomes commonplace and miracles are routine. The Labour collapse in Scotland was on a scale unprecedented in centuries of British history, and the shifts of loyalties were mountainous. Labour majorities of over 20,000 were transmuted into majorities of more than 10,000 for the SNP.

The Leadership Election stunned by humbling the mighty and exalting the meek, but its time to reboot my crystal ball; both candidates for Leader and Deputy that I nominated in the Labour Leadership Election came last!

No matter – Jeremy Corbyn’s elevation has jump-started the shell-shocked and comatose party into fresh life. His victory has left the Tories more demented than ever in their creation of maniacal, mind-numbing soundbites that irritate like toothache and may surpass the vacuous imbecility of the long-term economic strategy and hard-working families. Will they soon warn that Corbyns victory will usher in a plague of boils, world famine and the annihilation of the human race?

The scale of the victory has smothered all the objections and excuses that were being incubated beforehand. A majority in all three sectors kills all suggestions of influence by infiltrators or faulty administration. New Politics has arrived, and no longer can any voter say that all parties are the same. Labour with Corbyn in place is distinctive, idealistic, gritty and armed with messages of forceful clarity and freshly minted ideals.

Shadow cabinet members who threatened to resign if Corbyn was elected thought it would discourage votes for him, but now they are trapped, hoisted by their own petards and appear mean-spirited. Corbyn campaigned brilliantly with charm and the common touch. The other three candidates were disappointing, colourless and lacked novelty – only in the last days did they find their mojos.

Corbyn must be given the support his majority deserves. If it does not work out, Labour will not go into another election with a leader who is less popular than the party as we did in 2015, 2010 and 1983.

The party has fallen in love with a principled, authentic partisan of Classic Labour, judging him to be free of the trappings of the now-degraded politics of the past 20 years. The country, likewise, might also be convinced with new popularity for unconventional politicians who break all the rules.

The way ahead for the Parliamentary Labour Party is ONE Leader (no quibbling or back-biting), ONE Party (no splits), ONE Enemy (this awful Government).

Good luck, Comrade!

Paul Flynn MP

Paul Flynn MP  

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Sean Thompson

You are quite right Paul - the party is being damaged by the venomous public and semi public attacks being made on Jeremy by various members of the PLP on a more or less daily basis. Publicly stating one's disagreement with the leader's position on this or that policy issue is one thing - honest debate is the lifeblood of a democratic socialist party - but using an honest difference on policy as an opportunity to slag Jeremy off with ad-hominem abuse in press interviews is unforgivable. Given that the BBC and virtually the entire press corps are just gagging to blow any stray remark up into another 'Labour in Crisis Shock' story you could have chosen your words a lot more carefully today if the quotes being attributed to you by the BBC are accurate.
Sean Thompson

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