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November 27, 2015


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Paul Flynn

I will be replying later. Thanks.


He is ridden with the desire to drop bombs. Perhaps he sees that as popular with his target demographic? I don't believe for one second that the innocent lives which would be lost are a factor.

THIS is called defence? What an appalling joke. The public doesn't ask for much. Will parliament deliver?

I think Syria and also Iraq (which they are already bombing) have seen enough chaos and destruction.

To be exact Cameron and his clique exist on a different plane. THEIR interests are opposed to ours and they will never allow us peace because they don't CARE about our interests.

They aren't 'in it togeather' with us. They are happy to ruin the country for the majority because they don't have our interests at heart. Our loss is their gain.

We hope for leadership and get oppression. For Arabs and Afghans even more so. They know they have no power HERE unless they continue to deceive us.

We have had hundreds of years of it. And they still haven't ripped us off enough. They still aren't so much richer than the rest of us that they can be satisfied. And now lets follow Cameron into a war?

Yes, the Tory establishment of both parties will sneer and undermine you. I don't care about preserving their position. Because I have seen, as all your readers have, the REALITY of the outcome.

They are running the country down. They are fools who should be put out to pasture instead of calling the shots for us all.

None of them are good people, Paul. Cameron and his allies are an offence. The honourable, where are they in the political and media discourse? If you allow yourself to be run by elitist, greedy tossers you get hell. As we have seen in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Now they want to bomb Syria.

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