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November 29, 2015


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Paul Flynn

All your forecasts were true. How predictable we all are.


Prediction for Wednesday:

David Cameron will say
Let me on your imaginary forces work
When I say Free Syrian Army piece out the imperfections with your mind
and into a thousand parts divide one man
and make imaginary puissance
Think when we talk of them, that you see them
printing their proud boots i' the receiving earth
Carry them here and there; jumping o'er times
turning the accomplishments of many years and other people into a dodgy document.
Admit me, Prime Minister to this history
Who prologue like your humble patience pray
Gently to hear and preferably to bring absolutely no judgement into play


Have I just heard Cameron say that it is right to bomb because 'our allies are'. Not much logic there. More corrupted power politics. So all things being equal Britain would bomb anyway even without European and American support? But this supposedly makes it the right (if not the only) course of action. Its behaving with the stunted mentality equivalent to 'my mates are beating someone up so I should join in.'

Would that stand up in a criminal court? Why does it stand up when the stakes are far higher?

Cameron is just not convincing. The country is not convinced. Labour and the Tories are prepared to ignore that.

The argument has been deliberately cut short. Cameron will only allow a vote if he thinks he can win. Why couldn't we wait another week? Because the public might have the opportunity to voice its disagreement. Political opponents might be able to get their act together. Opposition voices might have time to be heard and alter the discourse and make the Tory leadership stand up to scrutiny. That is reason enough in itself to oppose this move towards more war.

Its a free vote for Labour. All I will say is don't be press-ganged by the short time frame, by the cocky superiority and arrogance of the Bullingdon set and the self-entitlement of a band of privileged millionaires. The country is imploring you to see reason. Don't let them manipulate you by setting a short time frame and bombarding the media straight after the Paris attacks.

I would go further and ask Cameron how many civilian deaths are acceptable? And why he is ignoring the support of SA and Turkey amongst others for the sectarians. How many people are to be displaced and robbed of their homes, families and futures? That is what we are talking about here lets be blunt.

Cameron and his clique are predators. That is how they have always behaved. They are ONLY in it for themselves. They inherited titles, property and millions and that is their main ambition and prerogative. Don't be led by them on this issue at least.

They should be disadvantaged in politics instead of conducting it for their own benefit.

I'll leave this excellent article here for anyone who wants a well informed article about Syria.

Jerym eedy

Reports revealed he had expressed rage at Mohammed Emwazi — the British terrorist known as Jihadi John, reportedly killed in a drone strike — “appearing on my television cutting the heads off my own citizens”, insisting: “I’m not having it.”
"My own citizens"?
On what meat does this our Caesar eat that he has grown so great

Jerym eedy

It's so bloody depressing that our representatives in parliament are more concerned with their pecking order in domestic politics than again interfering in something that recent history shows wil only make it far worse

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