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November 20, 2015


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Paul Flynn

Many thanks. Unfortunately almost ANY development is preferred over no development of our derelict sites. This is short-sighted folly. The building on the car-park on the Argus site has created a parking hell-hole for surrounding residents.

Paul Flynn MP  


I couldn't agree more, especially with regards to the Whitehead's site. What's most troubling about that development is the fact they clearly haven't thought about traffic flow into and out of the area, an area that is already dangerously congested in peak hours. Mendalgief Road and the surrounding areas definitely couldn't withstand the traffic that comes with 500 houses when all entrances and exits are on that one road.

Paul Flynn

Because its the councillors role not the MPs.

Paul Flynn MP  

Dan Berry

Out of interest why did you make the representation as a private citizen rather than MP?

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