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November 21, 2015


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I am against a bombing campaign in Syria. Inevitably it will cost civilian lives

The rationale is that ISIS threaten our lives at home but ISIS sympathisers will still be able to strike. It won't protect us. ISIS WANT the West to invade. That is how many of them think so I'm told.

Accept there is a real risk AT HOME and act accordingly rather than bomb foreign cities.

War, unless absolutely necessary is evil and I think this falls into that category. There are secular forces on the ground that could be supported and financiers of sectarians that should be brought to book first of all. Why this rush to war? To real violence with real consequences? Bombing civilians unnecessarily is I think murder.

Those that carelessly countenance and resort to violence (and that is what is driving this) should be despised by anyone pretending to progressive politics. Don't let them drag US down with them.

I really don't trust Cameron. I think he is lying when he says he has searched his conscience. I think at best he is a fool and is leading the House astray just as Blair did. He is two faced and I don't like saying that at this time. Please let the wiser heads be on their game in the coming days.

Supporting more bombing is simply a crime.

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