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November 05, 2015


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If the government is prepared to act in an emotionally mature manner instead of like over privileged spivs which I suspect some of them are they should consider that what is happening in Syria and Iraq has effects on us too and should react in a manner to mitigate the worst effects on those populations and ours too.

Why has a region that had relative prosperity and secularism been turned into a terrible war zone with extremist sectarians abusing the vulnerable?

Remember, Iraq's property was seized, its children dispossessed and many orphaned. They had the harshest effects of Neo-Liberalism visited on them. They have grown up in chaos and persecution. What did the US/UK invasion actually produce? Never mind the excuses and whataboutery.

They looked at a dreadful situation in Israel/ Palestine and instead of recognising that it needed a fair settlement blundered arrogantly into other countries. Does it even matter to them if their small class thrives at the expense of everyone else? I've said before I believe we have more in common with ordinary Syrians and Iraqis than the elites that continue to govern us seemingly incompetently.

So the dignity and majesty our rulers and monarchy assume is hollow. We need to take their power off them for decency's sake. That is a decision which more people will begin to make and act upon as their leaders' crimes hit home. I'm convinced that real changes at home are the only real solution we have available. Enough of the anachronistic upper class and their 'blundering'. I say 'blundering' because I personally believe a lot of this is down to two factors that I can see. Firstly they simply don't seem to care about anything other than their own interests and secondly a lot of the carnage is deemed acceptable and has been calculated to their benefit.

Paul Flynn for Jonny Roberts

The question is about ALL PMs. It tries to make a point about the effect of power in degrading quality of devisions. 633 British lives lost as a result since 2003

Dan Berry

Questions front loaded with such adjectives are not going to get a sensible answer from the opposition.

A distinguished parliamentarian with a safe seat is wasting the twilight of his career.

Rather than hardening an already well established and understood views.
I would urge him to use his experience to drop the anti Tory rhetoric, reach across the aisle where sensible and focus on Newport 100%

Civil debate would be a better legacy and more worthwhile. Like his drive to improve PMQs.

This is rather than continued and sustained effort on international policy where his views are clearly understood.

For the record I am of no political affiliation.

Jerym eedy

What a banal pathetic reply.

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