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October 25, 2015


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Paul Flynn for Jonny Roberts

There is a great deal of truth in your words, Ad. I made similar comments at the time in a chapter of my book , Dragons led by poodles;.It was titled Privatisation from the inside.'


I'll try a couple of comments on a great speech.

"Despite frequent assertions by front-benchers of both main parties, there is little or no evidence that private-sector management, with its hallowed status as a third-way icon, is more efficient at delivering quality services than workers in the public sector."

Doesn't matter, alas. Labour abandoned its principles and became no different in material economic politics than the Tories. They adopted Thatcherism, which gave the government up to the rich and powerful with less and less brakes to their exploitation and bullying. Their advantage was enshrined. And the inequality was celebrated. An abandonment of its traditional voter base. Sad and destructive in its outcome.

"There is insufficient time to examine the litany of failures. Three will suffice: the fiasco at the Passport Agency, when Siemens paid only £2 million of the £13 million bill; Andersen Consulting’s national-insurance recording system, which needed to provide £35 million compensation to pensioners; and PFI’s own big daddy – the channel-tunnel rail link, bailed out by a govern- ment-bond guarantee that, at a stroke, took back the project’s risks."

A manufactured "neccesity" sold as beneficial to the public which is ongoing. Investment!... Development!... These are GOOD things! Its still ongoing and is basically theft.

"The belief in the natural superiority of the more creative, innovative and risk-taking private firm over the poor old public authority is seriously flawed. "

Ideological. Those that take the biggest REWARD (no risk at all) HAS to be private capitalists. Its galling in its nakedness. To say that though is modern heresy. Its a "partnership" instead of one class exploiting anothers interests.

"A key component shoring up the whole PFI edifice is the lowered pay and conditions of staff engaged. High-quality public services need high-quality employment and although transferred staff receives some protection, new ones tend to have poorer pay, weaker conditions and little in the way of occupational pensions."

Prophetic indeed.

Then it goes over my head for a bit...

"Does it matter whether public services are delivered by the private sector?’ say the commission, the official position and some of those at the heart of government. Of course it matters. The public sector’s motivation is social responsibility, while commercial firms have a responsibility to their owners and shareholders, with obligations to clients and customers some way behind."

Yep. Perspicacity there. Its a huge problem. Should be one of the key differences that sets the Corbyn led opposition apart. There'll be little left soon that isn't sold into private interest. The NHS for example is being run down by the tactics which David Taylor is speaking about here.

As you have been saying they are now paying foreign governments to run unsafe, overly costly non renewable energy because the bastards are so ideologically entrenched. They cannot do what is right if the evidence is right in front of them.

A couple of thoughts on which I hope are taken in good spirit.

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