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October 06, 2015


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Apparently "mainstream media" is something of a discredited term used by conspiracy theorists and such so I shouldn't have used it.

On that note I think its best if I left it there. So you shouldn't expect to hear any more from me. Thought I'd better say something as I feel I've been something of a fixture here for a while now.

The very best and warmest regards to you and your readers,


Paul Flynn for Jonny Roberts

Thanks Ad. Your contribution as always is very welcome. The lecture was enjoyable for me in a fine afternoon of remembrance in music and words.


Pleasing at it is to see the foremost opponent of cynical war call the murderers liars they still go on to stamp on self determination elsewhere.

War is just business to these ungrateful, inhumane lickspittles.

Is killing an innocent person unnecessarily murder? Of course it is so why do they do it? Psychologically because they are self important, thick and ill-advised. And of course they are out for themselves so that opens up all kinds of horrible possibilities when they are given power and can carelessly decide the fate of so many.

They haven't got it right for us, for Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. YET the wealth gap grows, these aren't fools. They are a nest of vipers. The more you refuse or stand up the nastier and more cunning they become.

So, you took up the Afghan war war as one of your worthy causes when so many of your colleagues ignored it or stood in the way. The ruling class and their mainstream media narrative was that it didn't matter everything was going well. They were protecting US. Which is a lie if you've any integrity in your politics. I'm glad you said it and as one of your readers consider that it does you credit.

So, murder. Its just part of the system. But its all the same in God's eyes. Parliament has such a capacity for good and ill. Sadly its much more common for the latter. Perhaps it has always been so.

Better people will prevail. I believe that. I also believe crimes have consequences. Certainly in this life but even more severely in the longer term. And therefore resistance, forward planning and the general disgust at careless careerist drones who are motivated by greed and selfish ambition is worthwhile.

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