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October 26, 2015


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The prescription for everything is cuts no matter what the harm it will cause is. Cuts carried out by an upper class rich man who doesn't even give much of an impression of taking his responsibility seriously. Not exactly full of empathy when you see him interviewed.

If I was in the shoes of those in the House of Lords, I wouldn't want that on my conscience. Tories though don't seem to have one. I read that Andrew Lloyd Webber flew into the country from New York City, just so he could vote in favour of the cuts to tax credits. Another vastly wealthy creep doing his best for the country supposedly by cutting others' incomes whilst living a lifestyle beyond the imagination of those they attack.

Its an attack on the rights of those who rely to some degree on state help. The rich have said we want to make cuts, so lets take what we can from the working poor. We can do that without conscience or consequence. We can rob them because they are an easy target and sound just plausible enough that we aren't cynically ripping them off because we resent them. They have no decency or genuine desire to help them one bit.

When they are stopped from ruining the country they get even nastier. As I understand it they have been stopped in their tracks for a few years at least. They will certainly be indignant and look to push on in making desolation their aim.

Its the hypocrisy of those with all the advantages: a bank balance in the millions, upper class ties and connections and so on, making their only consistent behaviour going from Bullingdon Club shenanigans into politics is to take advantage of their position. To destroy what the majority have for the benefit of themselves.

Its an ideological attack as far as I can see. Nothing to do with actual pragmatism or leadership. They need taking down a pig or two. They probably DO think they are being 'prudent' selling state owned property to their chums for knockdown prices. Its a waste otherwise in their selfish greedy eyes. There isn't really a counter narrative in the political and media discourse that has at least made some noises of complaint and opposition for those that depend on those that are squeezing them. They will whinge plenty if they are halted and more so when their own behaviour is turned back against them so that THEY are the ones who are squeezed.

Tonypandy Andy

What typically perverse logic! The interests of the country are best reflected by the expressed views of the electorate, as represented in the current make up of the House of Commons. The unrepresentative and unelected House of Lords has no democratic legitimacy in these matters.
If this democratic principle is not respected by the unelected, then it is quite legitimate for the government of the day to take action to ensure House of Commons decisions prevail.

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