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October 22, 2015


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I wonder how much we really know? I said I'd quit but perhaps I shouldn't. Your several thousand readers are welcome to gainsay. I'm only doing my conscientious best whatever thats worth. So, haha, I hope I don't overstay my welcome. Anyone else may assume 'the floor' and do what I do or something else.

There it is. And now to it. Jesus did many miracles, over several years. Doesn't matter now apparently. People think they know what there is to be known and don't know what they don't know. The only lens to understand this is human experience. Working that one out leaves an unimaginable scope for understanding which is tied again to human experience which is all we have.

To not be deceitful Ive always wanted to be on the good side, but, these words are heavy to type, I may not always have been. The deep state knows what it wants. They ultimately know the secrets and can dictate. Who they are and how many there are I don't know.

A weird paragraph. We are supposed to be impressed that they can dictate on the internet. Lets face it there has never been democracy. Oxford and Cambridge have been going for many centuries. Most of our monarchs have been presiding over shit countries. Read Oliver Twist for example. Criminals being put on treadmills, "paupers" dying of starvation and cold. We moved away from all that relatively recent shit, now we are rapidly moving towards it again.

Hope thats up to scratch

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