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September 02, 2015


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Paul Flynn for Jonny Roberts

Love to see a copy of Canton's War. It's by the same Keith Flynn who was a Cardiff Councillor, I presume.

colin lovelace

Fascinating to read this memoir. I was briefly at st Illtyd's and used to cycle down Clive Rd-I was evacuated to Tonyrefail during the worst part of the war but have vivid memories of the bomb sites where we played after the war and the shelters in the garden and those smelly gas-masks. A old friend of mine Keith Flynn has written a very fine memoir of this period: 'Canton's War' with many evocative photos published by Gareth P Jenkins, print x Press, Caerphilly.If you can't get it let me know and I'll ask keith to send you a copy-he donated all receits to Royal national Lifeboat institution.

Paul Flynn

Great. Like to help. I Have vivid memories of those days.

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Im writing a novel set in war time Cardiff would love to talk to you.
Best wishes
David Lloyd

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David Lloyd

I'm writing a novel set in war time Cardiff would love to talk to you.
Best wishes
David Lloyd

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