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September 13, 2015


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Ein Corbyn, ein partei...

stuart mcc

This is, perhaps, the single biggest political event of my adult life. This gives us a chance at a decent country and maybe the ripples could grow, even crossing the ocean. Great blog post!


Well they didn't see that coming haha. The time will come for a well educated well informed populace and a generation that has new advantages. That they want to keep playing the control through fear and emotional manipulation card shows how the upper class has never been weaker it seems to me.

If Corbyn gets the right people around him he could make the complacent political establishment look very silly.

At the very least we now have an opposition which is a massive improvement.

I don't think the Labour party has anything to fear from the Tory dominated establishment. How long have we had some semblance of democracy unencumbered by massive world wars? Its inevitable some steps in the right direction will occur.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw. The Tory response was genuinely infantile. Another mantra repeated by all of them.

Paul Flynn

Many thanks Alyson. He deserves our full support to make it work. Fingers crossed.



alyson cottrell

Welcome the 'common touch'. the grit of the fight for equality and the courage to fight for peace . I do believe that he learned so many lessons from you x


Absolutely ecstatic with this result. I look forward to the years ahead now with Corbyn. Gentleman who says it as it is, but with a fair and rational approach. Welcome to a new era. The tories can go off in dismay now.

Jerym eedy

Your party now has the catalyst that could transform our government.
Just hope it doesn't get out of control


From his performance so far he seems like the perfect weapon against juvenile incompetent tory government.
They seem to think so too, therefore more keen to attack a purely imaginary version of him than what he actually is.

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