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August 13, 2015


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Paul Flynn

I share almost all these views. As I say I am very close to Jeremys views and distant from lots of those Liz. Getting a bit irritated by those who have joined and intend to leave after the election. You should vote.
Paul Flynn MP 

Alun Williams

Thanks Paul for this piece. I cannot make up my mind about who to vote for. I agree with Jeremy Corbyn about Trident, austerity, about the need to extend public ownership and many other things. I am glad that the case against austerity has been made and seems central to this leadership campaign. I think the party machine has been shaken and hope that it will change as a result. I have never abstained in an election as a matter of choice but just cannot decide who to vote for. My big reservation about Liz Kendall is her apparent belief that reducing the deficit and achieving 2% of GDP for defence spending were the most important priorities at the start of the campaign. I cannot subscribe to that any more than I know you would. I am usually able to come a conclusion, often no doubt wrong, but here I am in that group of don't knows!!

Paul Flynn

Thanks Mike for your kind comments. I understand every word you write. If the party does get a 'jolt', I will be there in support making the best of whoever the new Leader will be. I regret the extravagant threats being made by comrades in this build-up. The wounds inflicted will not heal easily. Sorry that your health is not good. Look after yourself.

Mike Phillips

Your arguments are very sound but I will still be voting for Jeremy and Angela. My view is that when, all those years ago we sat in Llew's office and put the world to rights, we little thought that we would be presented with the choice we now have. Which is four candidates who will never be PM and only one of whom will change anything. Both of us know the PLP is overstacked with The Barsteward Sons of Blair, that was his legacy, but I believe they need a jolt and a reminder that the party belongs to the members not them. Hope you are keeping reasonably well. I'm not. Still think of you with huge respect and affection. Best wishes.

stuart mcc

Assuming the polls are right and JC wins, do you think and hope that the PLP will support him? Comments from the likes of Simon Danczuk are highly destabilising and totally undemocratic, would you agree?

Paul Flynn

Thanks Peter for your interest in my introduction to Clear Red Waters. If was written seven years ago but having forgotten most of it, I believe its a friendly, but true, account of the work of devolution in Wales.
Cheers. Paul Flynn MP 

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad.
Party membership shot up immediately after the General Election. As you can imagine I take a great interest in the new members. I am not worried about Tory entryists. There may be one or two that I have missed but of the 200 new members, theres no more than that. I am not unhappy about the few green/far left people who have come in. They enrich the party and add new energy and idealism. We must convinced them that the Labour Party is their home habitat and a permanent roost for them. The great majority of new members are Labour voters who never managed to make the effort to join. Last night we had a great night with some marvellous new people. They are all warmly welcome to the Labour Party family..
Paul Flynn MP 

Paul Flynn

Id love to be proved wrong. In Green and left policies were on offer by smaller. The electorate did not jump at them.
Paul Flynn MP 

Mike Parker

I think you may underestimate the mood of the country and it's ability to change in response to a more positive vision.

Patrick Lilley

Hi Chris its AV so you can chose 3 non JC candidates and if they get eliminated it goes to JC versus A N Other. All votes count!


I'd rather see a real somewhat social democrat led opposition than a Tory clone in government. Whats the point in that? And I've no more time for the Tories than any of the other commenters.

Build steadily from a base of principle and I'm sure the time will come when the Tories are kicked out. Party membership has shot up off the back of Corbyn offering an alternative. I think you could be underestimating the potential there.


What policies have the others got that are more appealing to the electorate ? who other than JC will win back Scotland ? If you had not noticed we THE GRASS ROOTS ARE SICK TO THE HIGH TEETH WITH PERSONALITIES - we want MPs to talk about policies so forget you are a mate of JC and tell us what you like about the others policies please x

Peter Curtis

Paul you are right Rhodri's leadership did mean that his government acted as a force for good. Rightly or wrongly I fear voters don't feel that now of the present Assembly. Presentation is the problem not the policies. We are wandering zombie like towards the election.

Paul Flynn

By the way Sally, I saw one tabloid attack on JC because he had signed one of Tony's EDMs. It was one of the few of his that I refused to sign. He called for an asteroid to hit the earth and wipe out all of humanity because of the way we treated pigeons in war. Calling for the annihilation of all my constituents a few months before the 2005 election would not have been wise.

Paul Flynn

Absolutely. We are giving hostages to fortune and building up trouble ahead. I will certainly suport the new leader 100%/
Good of you to write.
Paul Flynn MP 

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Sally Banks

Totally agree Paul. JC would not be a credible leader . We need to be in Government to make changes .
Am concerned what some of the PLP are saying.. We all need to work together whoever is leader.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Chris. I ma committed to Liz Kendall because she is the only one that is clearly committed to hold a seconds election if she a flop in two years.
Best wishes,
Paul Flynn MP 

Chris Carter

Well said Paul, although I don't agree with your choice for leader you speak the truth on making the Labour Party more than a mere pressure group of the left.

If we act as an echo chamber for our own political self-satisfaction, which only serves to make us feel happy with ourselves then the electorate will treat us as such.

Although I would ask who you would recommend supporters unite behind now it's clear Liz Kendall is not going to make it to the final round and Corbyn is not a viable option?

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