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August 31, 2015


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Europe will return tens of thousands of illegal migrants, according to Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European commissioner for Migration, Home affairs and Citizenship. And the process has already started



The chickens are coming home to roost. Much of the current turmoil is attributable to the absurd policies of Messrs Bush & Blair. Now I accept that there was considerable distance between you and the former P.M so I don't expect you bear any burden of guilt on his behalf, but there are many in your party who should face up to their guilt. Since 2010 the new generation of "deniers" have inhabited the leadership positions in Government but have done little other than extract visible military forces from the "theatres of war"while coniving with all sorts of deviant groups in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere thus continuing the instability and loss of life that drives these people to seek new refuges in the West. You are dead right that a disproportionate number will be placed in places like Newport, because this is consistent with the "dumping" mentality of elistist leadership groups in the U.K.

It has a parallel in the habitual relocation of dysfunctional family units from English conurbations into Welsh communities that are already under equipped to deal with the challenges of delivering an assortment of services to their resident populations. That these activities appear to be undertaken with government support and some financing is a disgrace.

So we have lots of problems confronting us and government at national and devolved levels that seem happy to keep shuffling things around rather than address issues head-on and work towards some lasting solutions. We must keep our doors open for people with real need, those who flee the madmen of IS ( who I firmly believe are yet another creation of the nightmarish US foreign policy)and other aggressors.

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