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August 27, 2015


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Paul Flynn

There is a great deal of truth in what you say.
I have done a longer blog on the EU?World situation.

Paul Flynn MP 


EU policy actually discriminates against people from Middle-Eastern, African and Asian countries as priority is given to immigrants from European countries who are mostly white and not desperate refugees from war-torn countries, but economic migrants. Organisations such as the CBI are all in favour of allowing EU immigrants to settle in Britain in unlimited numbers because they are able to exploit them by paying them much less than they would British workers. EU migrants also provide an opportunity for unscrupulous landlords to make a fine profit by crowding as many of them into small terraced houses, resulting in them living in conditions that would be considered beyond slum-like even in Dickensian times. Similar to the third world sweat shops and cheap clothes, this is the real cost of the wealthy upper and middle classes' quest for cheap nannies, plumbers and general domestics. Then when the working classes complain that they are constantly tired at work because they have been kept awake by the noise of so many people next door or cannot get their kids off to sleep ready for school in the morning in a desperate attempt to give them a better future, the well to do accuse us of being racist and intolerant. Yet we all know who the real exploiters are and who has brought slave labour and people trafficking back into Europe after 70 odd years.

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