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July 16, 2015


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Paul Flynn

Michael Gove is third Tory minister to offer solution to the wasteful, crime-mulitplying, drugs encouraging chaos and counter productive cruelty of our prison system


So one man can buy all the cocaine he wants, another isn't allowed by same people to do the same.

This prohibition policy is way out of date, yet none dare question it for being condemned by their peers and the media for being soft on crime.
Prohibition doesn't work. Why wreck lives for this 'cause'? (I'm sure for many of the proponents its been made worth their while)

Sue Pryce

love this. Not only does it provide a classic example of ministers not answering the question, it also demonstrates the impossibility of upholding drug policy even in prisons.
Doesn't bother me if for example inmates smoke cannabis - keeps them chilled. But the random drug testing in fact pushes them to other drugs which have a shorter 'body' life.
Sue Pryce

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