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July 27, 2015


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Delayed because Blair and certain members of his cabinet will drag it out as far as possible. Why should they get to do that? The report shouldn't be made in concert with the very people it is supposed to make judgement on.

We know Blair misled and Jack Straw, Geoff Hoon etc assisted. This is an investigation against ex barrister Blair, a barristers son and a barristers husband. They've given him the right to quibble before the report is published. The man misled the house. How many years and how many words does it take to judge whether he did this knowingly when it is obvious but unofficial. Its small time crooked behavior from the establishment.

What kind of investigation allows possible war criminals to see it before us and find loopholes for delays before we get to know the truth? An inadequate one. One without any teeth that purports to have them. One which will not gain any answers worth the effort.

I'm sure they are pulling a stunt.

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