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July 04, 2015


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Thats what you get when public school chums experiment on powder kegs in the middle east. ISIS have risen up and their allies and supporters are placated because we do not have a rational and moral leadership no matter how much its members and the outlets they control try to convince us.

The Taliban 'must be defeated' yet Saudi royalty can act as they want. They are rigid whereas ours are slippery.

Nobody wants ISIS to win yet they are winning. NATO's hands are tied as Turkey and Saudi give ISIS sly support for their own ends. Even NATO countries have joined in funding this civil war across the Arab region. Are these the leaders we are supposed to look to?

I charge them with willful desolation and creating sectarian division on purpose rather than blundering inadequacy (it says it all that the latter is the better scenario).

So how do you respond to such an inadequate state of affairs? The only recourse are the time honored principles of ownership of narrative and an urgent need for some class based integrity in our politics. When I say that I mean the interests of the many against the stubborn self appointed elite.

So, Isis. Stop the rot. Which must begin amongst ourselves and go at our own pace before we can have an inkling of hope that we can make progress on a national and international basis.

In the meantime the horrors are ongoing.

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