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June 04, 2015


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Fintan McCarthy

PM doesn't understand that just because it's called Prime Minister's Questions doesn't mean he is asking them. He's supposed to answer but he doesn't.

Tells Harriet Harman 'We're still claearing up Labour's mess' No PM, firstly it isn't Labour's mess it's the banks' mess and you don't clean that up by saying its time to relax controls on banks as Osborne is suggesting.

Asks Harriet Harman questions instead of answering questions and waits till she cannot answer to ask another question to make it seem as tho Labour has no answer. However, John Bercow didn't miss this trick and stated that 'The Rt. Hon. and learned Lady has had her 6 questions' ie the rules say she cannot respond.

Cat Smith asks when will UK get its AAA credit rating again? Answer 'Go for it Throw your hat in to the ring' for Labour leadership.No answer on AAA rating.

Stephen Tims will there be no 'cuts in benefits for the disabled' Answer we were both in front of 45,000 people at the Excel Centre. Err what has that to do with Disabled exactly?

Fails to answer Rachel Maskell on RTB and takes a swipe at Labour saying they can't spell Aspiration.

Maybe he's hoping Labour MPs will just despair of getting answers and give up. Let's hope not

Paul Flynn

It's a revolting prospect. PMs know that the present format is good for PMs, always having the last word, but bad for keeping the reputation of politics firmly in the gutter.


We have got to put up with this slick over privileged bully for another five years?

What is his background? Born into wealth, goes through exclusive private education and oxbridge then did a short stint in PR followed by a quick rise through the Tory ranks. The last person you would choose to take the country in the direction it needs to go. But who offered anything different?

A nasty piece of work who despite his wealth and advantages despises the poorest and scorns the needy.

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