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May 28, 2015


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"The rules of the House of Commons were changed after I had previously read out the names of the fallen in the Chamber three times."

A wicked ruling if ever there was one. I'm sure they gave a great deal of consideration towards the widows and fatherless that they created. A shameful inconvenience for them.

I wonder if said victims were comforted or dis-comforted by this mal-administration?

I charge them with not caring about the dead and maimed. Its the same in every recent war. The army is nothing more than a disposable asset to a never ending right-wing government and state. To the entitled and powerful these soldiers can be used and forgotten.

It certainly sets a dangerous precedent for us (more importantly) but also for their own selfish skins. This goes for their accessories too.

To design this system where young men see their best prospects in the army, and then use them unnecessarily in futile battles and to then posture off the back of their sacrifice... I could probably go further...

I will. It is war in the modern sense where a professional army recruited from the working class is expendable in their body and mind. Its an extension of class politics which deceives the people. Its no coincidence at all that they are enriched financially socially and politically because so many determined men will follow the orders of those they are bound to serve.

Paul, you've done a great deal already but I think you have the credibility and the tools to advocate on behalf of the injured and bereaved. Just my suggestion as I turn my attention towards it.

The poor die and are subjected to barbarity so the rich can get richer.

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