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May 10, 2015


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stephen johnson

I fear the leadership contest will be settled before the party decides what it wants to be. To me that's the wrong way up.

Maybe the party decides it just wants to be elected. Without a clear vision it can sway in the wind and use tactics to suit the flavour of the day.

The party needs to reach out to the many sensible and principled folk around the country, there lies the truth.

Paul Flynn

Many thanks for that. we all need something else to think about rather than wallowing in our misery. There are good candidates. They should get some medium attention.

Best wishes

Paul Flynn MP

01633 262 348/ 0788 792 5699

Twitter: @paulflynnmp
blog paulflynnmp.co.uk

The Twitter and website was established while I was a member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved there are no Members of Parliament until after the Election on 07 May 2015.

jon owen jones

We have lost all but one of our Scottish seats to the SNP and UKIP has eroded our vote in Northern and Welsh heartlands and in Southern cities. Only in London are we holding our ground.
How is the answer to that problem, Chuka?

Jenny Lewis

Dear Paul,

I hope you are well and congraulations, well done in the Election, Newport chose well again. As always your opinion and views are well received as I know they are very honest and in the best interests of our party in going forward. I for one think it is now imperative that whoever our party chooses the whole party must be confident in the choice and get behind whoever is chosen as we all did with Ed. For us all it is now crucial for us to build a confidence and a supportive Network from our Grass Routes up and support our Politicians and the Leader in Going Forward and we need to do that as quickly as possible, as the Assembly Elections are next year and we need to show what we are made of. So for me thank you for opening up the dialogue in such a stimulating fashion, its been a very low point for us all and I feel positive that once Our Leader is chosen we will 'Hit the Ground Running' in readiness for the welsh assembly elections next year. Best always Jenny


That's brave and shows faith in your choice you don't know the runners yet . the same old faces will be mentioned I think we need a new brush not tarred with the Blair brown history .


The major error was in the QT hustings? It goes a lot deeper. Yes, Ed M wasn't great on TV but nor was Dave M (and Dave M left his CLP with a canvass contact rate of under 1%). Labour should have had more confidence and rebutted the Tory argument on profligacy from 2010 onwards, instead of which we tacked in. I don't know enough about Chuka but does he come across as too much the smooth professional politico type? Andy Burhham could be better?

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