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May 21, 2015


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. The national picture is dire. It's amazing that there was a swing of votes TO Labour in England and a loss of seats. Part of it was hordes of workers in key seats provided by odd groups such as the bloodsports fans and adherents of Hale's Exclusive cult.

I appreciate your good wishes and comments. I am immensely grateful for the good sense of the people of Newport. Now, it's on with job of doing my best for them


Still much to learn and do. Labour as it is is not convincing anyone. There was no real argument made.

Glad you were re-instated. We remain a country governed by title and entitlement. To respect such is a serious fault on our own part.

The challenge is set. The conservative dream will become reality if we stand by. Many will perish as they admit to sacrificing the bottom ten per cent (it will be more that is THEIR propaganda) for the benefit of the rest. A government's duty should be the exact opposite. Welfare is a 'burden' according to Cameron.

Squeeze them to death, till their bones stick out.

I'm honestly not sure how many there are who will be on our side as I see it. But I reckon the BBC and Tory press can be overtaken by genuine politics and truth instead of propaganda and bent statistics which is what we have now. Just a couple of thoughts I don't pretend to speak for anyone else who is affected.

MAYBE they will admit their guilt and switch it around.

So I suppose the object is to hold them back from perverting judgement and justice. From hypocrisy and embezzlement of public property.

God does not attach respect and esteem to anyone because they are rich and powerful according to the Bible. In fact it goes against the grain. Not that we can know him or his will but it tells us one thing that the rich and 'entitled' are NO MORE WORTHY important or deserving than those they scorn. They are lent their money and property. It is people who matter NOT financial markets.

I'll just say good luck and thanks for the service on behalf of us all. I know you will do a good job

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