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March 14, 2015


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In many ways our elected rulers are no better than their corrupt Iraqi and Afghan counterparts. These 'mistakes' which have been made reflect the mischievous insolence of their authors. There is a lot of responsibility in their hands which I think is often taken far too lightly and is abused. Especially concerning life or death for dark skinned foreigners. Guilty as well are those who for whatever reason ratify and authorise these acts. Accessories is the word.

To call these crimes mistakes is in my view to lessen what has been deliberately calculated by the upper class. Those who pervert justice and mislead others into hindering the needy from recovering and building an independence which reflects a fair outcome. No. These must be trampled on in perpetuity. THEY can't afford to make it worth their while to behave otherwise.

Tony Blair for example has publicly made himself a multimillionaire by greasing the skids for the right wing American establishment and their interests. He (and he is amongst many) has enriched himself off the back of waging destruction and death. They rob people and create widows and orphans in the process. Their victims mind you are nearly always the poorest and most powerless. Where is their true idealism? (I don't want to make an issue over this point because you are amongst the few who continue to good and honourable work) but were these indeed 'mistakes'?

So who is going to right these wrongs when the victims have no clout or influence? Its so barbarous that one shudders to think of these abusers as fellow human beings and whats more they are publicly applauded and accepted such is the casual deception of the obedient media and political system.

So what ARE they supposed to do when their short sighted greed blows back on them? They assume, and thus far have been correct, that they will never be held accountable. Will this behaviour not backfire at some point? It may or may not be far off but it certainly will come. A nasty surprise of some description is inevitable. They are temporarily reprieved not pardoned.

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