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March 26, 2015


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Their office should not be for hire. I don't see anyone amongst them standing up to scrutiny. They all run away when the rock is lifted. Hopefully the public will be informed enough to bring a better crowd in May. This current crowd will try to waste and desolate while they can.

Those that LISTEN instead of try to hoodwink will hopefully win. So they will be felled in one day. Preaching austerity whilst sailing through private education and Oxbridge, inheriting millions and then what do they do? Squeeze and distress the poorest, preach to them whilst ignoring the interests of the majority. Hiring themselves out for profit.

I'm not too hopeful. There doesn't seem anything progressive on offer in this election but I will certainly be glad to see the back of Cameron and Clegg. Lets face it they are getting off lightly.

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