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March 17, 2015


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I think the title of this article should be "Politicians should look at the facts, not the opinions" but that wouldn't win votes now would it?

Gwyn Jones

Hear, hear. I think that you, Paul, are what we call a latent fascist. Go and see what they are dooing and tell them to stop. And the Greens! You can join ISIL but you cannot hunt.



"The Minister confirmed that she wanted to bring back the cruel practice of hunting with dogs."

Is that what she said? She wants to bring back the "cruel" practice, or is that despite the devious and volatile way the Labour party brought in the act wild animals have received no better treatment and in some cases probably worse, on top of that I am curious how you qualify to have an opinion on such a matter? What do you know about our semi wild environment?

Have you ever harvested your own meat?

or are you trying to drum up support from the overly emotional narrow minded public who don't know any better before the election?

I believe the latter because any body who knows anything about our natural environment knows we as humans are the only large predators left on this island, I am a working man, never voted but the more I hear about labour the more I am going to vote conservative.

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