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February 26, 2015


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Paul Flynn

People in communities close ranks when under attack/ It's incredible that a group of bright people do not understand the age of the public who believed that a full-time wage should be earned by full-time work.


I'm not seeing much contrition. Many of them covet wealth and station whilst professing to serve their constituents and their country. As if being an MP is just a stepping stone.

Wealth is the reward they seek not the advancement of and representation of the interests of the public. Surely they can't do both. If they want to work in business then do so. Don't pretend to or halfheartedly attempt to do both. Its hypocritical.

If money is your objective you shouldn't become a politician who lets face it are already well rewarded and looked after. I can't understand how someone already well off risks disgrace for a couple of grand.

There is also the fact that many in parliament, particularly in the executive, are millionaires. I just don't see that as in the public's interest.

Greed is good? Accumulating wealth is their ideology whilst they manage (probably closer to fool) the rest of us who aspire to security, equality (there's a word your right winger hates) and a serviceable NHS, welfare system etc.

Both parties moved towards Thatcher's vision. This has led to a small minority being represented. That is why I believe there is little ideological or practice difference. A lot of people say the same thing. Its not some loopy fringe idea.

If MPs are content to play the system for the benefit of their bank account I see them as hypocritical and entirely useless to us. Good luck to you and like minded colleagues in getting the rules changed though it might be along the lines of getting turkeys to vote for Christmas. I've not read through the debate but from what you say the responses weren't great especially from the Tories.

Paul Flynn

The irony is the contrasts between the worthy declaration of the prayer and the swift descent minutes later into bitter divisions.


"That will come home to roost in a few weeks’ time, when the respectable parties in the House—the parties based on idealism, as all our main parties are—will be damaged in the poll."

I thought those parties' policies were more based on focus group studies and minor issues picked up by the right-wing press. eg. scapegoating benefit claimants which both parties have took part in. The money saved is minimal, the distress caused is massive but it pleases their target demographic. That may count as 'idealistic' to some. Not to me.

I hope you win because you've been a consistent champion for neglected causes that DO matter, especially on Afghanistan. But I've long since become disillusioned that the Labour party is a real idealistic opponent to the Tories.

Interesting about the daily prayer. You cannot serve two masters the Bible says. Its God OR mammon.

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