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February 24, 2015


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Paul Flynn

Interesting. I wrote at lengt about all of these matters in my 2010 book HOW TO BE AN MPincluding a section on HOW TO DRESS. Tells story on hw man with a cat on top of his head abused man without a tie.

You may be right, things may be changing. Cannot be called in Commons without a tie if the MP is male.

Best wishes,

Paul Flynn

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Perhaps the fall in respect for politicians could be a sign of a more positive, healthy change in society and, moreover, an inevitable one, Paul?

It could be a sign that the days when the words of a man in a suit and tie were automatically believed by the majority of people without question will soon be over. It could actually signify a resurgence of an interest in political matters when people lose faith in a parliament which does not reflect the diversity of those whom it is supposed to represent.

One thing I've noticed recently is that the new Greek government have deliberately eschewed the wearing of neckties as a kind of two-fingered salute to the political establishment. Maybe a very small thing, but when the government who represent you look like identical clones then the rest of us find this alienating - even creepily, North Korea like!

Times change, but unfortunately parliament still seems stuck in a time warp. Since women comprise 51 per cent of the electorate why is this not reflected in parliament, for instance? Conversely, why can't a male politician turn up to the H of P dressed like Russell Brand; in make up with long hair? The faceless, unaccountable army of grey suits don't signify trust or power to people anymore, Paul, just an attempt to get into a safe, lifetime job where one can be anonymous.

As for extremists...unfortunately, many MPs in the mainstream party also have fairly extremist views too, don't they and history shows that even those mainstream politicians who don't necessarily share their views are not unknown to make deals with extremist parties out of self-interest.

Rather than become disengaged with politics, perhaps the public should do their best to make MPs work harder for their money more by being more demanding and making our voices heard over the powerful lobby groups and media barons; two minority groups who seem to be taking a disproportionate slice of MP's time and attention?

It's all too easy to blame the weakening of the democratic process on the electorate, but who dragged democracy into the gutter in the first place? Is it any wonder that the majority of people become cynical when their voices are never heard and there is no hope of an amelioration in their miserable circumstances? It simply won't do anymore to throw irrational blanket insults at them by dismissing them as "fascists", "communists" or else an ignorant, primitive unwashed mob. It insults the intelligence of the electorate, which further confirms the electorate's own opinion of those who should ironically be their public servants as snobs.

Thank you for hearing me out on your blog.


Its seen as an hereditary privilege. That is to pull the strings of entitlement for their own riches. They desert their constituents first of all, although Jack the war criminal clings on.

Paul Flynn, believes in his colleagues. I think Straw's son as will Blair's will bend the rules even further.

I'm not going to have that. Better the Labour party was kicked into the abyss. They only drag us into wars.

A military coup wouldn't even be possible nowadays so we have got that going for us thank God.

Fuck sake. Cameron is an evil shady bastard, so is Milliband.

What percentage of front bench ministers are public school Oxbridge graduates and what percentage are not who make up the rest?

Which way now? Labour or Conservative?

Or how about a way which represents the majority and not the in built defence of the rich?

The rank and file may have redeeming features but that is far removed from who rules.

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