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February 04, 2015


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Paul Flynn

impossible to swallow story that four years delay is not the result of obstruction from the powerful people who are condemned by the evidence.


"Droning on" is very apposite from reading Heywoods' replies.

Expect them to all sneak away into the twilight if the truth comes out.

I wonder should they face cross examination by a people's court in Iraq, and be held accountable? That is to be penalised.

They may try and bolt but we can ensure they are rounded up. Then we go down the chain of command to their staff who knowingly assisted etc.

Others should be spared if they publicly announce their remorse. Then they should fulfill their obligation to attempt to apologise and denounce their fellow criminals.

This is what we will be remembered for.


More realistically, they are prolonging indefinitely while they try and squirm out of their crimes through backroom dealing, corroborating eachothers testimonies and so on.

But it will probably be laughed at by those paying attention. Glad we have you, Paul, hopefully and deservedly to pursue this cause.

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