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February 27, 2015


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Apparently torture of prisoners is widespread 'including beatings with pipes, electrical shocks and near asphyxiation' from a UN report. Just another dose of reality which undermines the "we should be proud of our achievements" lot.

"Extrajudicial killings also come up in the report, with a focus on Kandahar, where the provincial police chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Raziq, has been dogged by complaints of human rights violations that include the torture and killing of detainees suspected of being Taliban militants."

Suspected. Its a good way to run a province for criminals and warlords when you can get away with torturing and killing those you decide to drag into custody. The extortionate practices of the Afghan police has been spoken about on this blog before.

"Other narratives disclosed in the report included accounts of detainees’ being electrocuted, beaten on the soles of their feet, and having their fingernails and toenails ripped out to obtain confessions."


Good to see critical reports still trickling through. Obama lied according to that report. I'm not surprised but he made a big deal about ending the war and they aren't sticking to it. Keeping special forces, occupying huge bases, bolstering a corrupt central government hated by many (to the extent people will fire at them) and legitimising the hunt for the 'Taliban'. This is selling the Afghans short in their long wait for peace.

The US and Britain have been at it too. Its so we can be free and safe? Its a perverse situation because the ones who should be locked up are invariably supported and promoted by NATO. Whereas non criminals are harshly treated precisely because they are NATO's enemy.

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