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January 15, 2015


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Thanks for an interesting blog post and an insight into your week. On Charlie Hebdo I'd like to say:

This Je Suis Charlie, its the world Muslim population we should feel sorry for. How do they stop sinners in their midst from dragging them all down?

We don't even have the political capital to bring war criminals in our government past and present to account.

We literally are represented by politicians who have made whole countries struggle for the basics.

Well I believe in cause and effect, Karma as some call it. It will be less painful in the decades to come if we shout them down, bring them to account and start a revolutionary position which starts with honesty and ends with justice.

Lets have new solutions, because they are asked for. For example strip the executive of the power to make war. Enshrine public opinion when it is forcibly demanded to be debated until the public is SATISFIED.

Replace the privately schooled oxbridge educated with people who are more interested in serving the public than career ambition. Demand it for yourself.

More attacks on the NHS from the neoliberal establishment. They aren't at Eton now. We can't just put them on report. Fuck them and fuck their class.

The battle is here and now. For the next however many generations. Government can but will not share the crumbs off their tables. I'm a left winger, but I'd see any sort of politics which isn't a generation after generation preserve of Eton and Harrow, Oxford and Cambridge as a step in the right direction for us all.

There are other things, institutional racism becoming more accepted, paedophilia by the establishment, squeezing the disabled from their existence.

Is there no honour in mainstream politics now? These are the guys who should be making the country a better place. HELPING those who are disabled instead of afflicting them and begrudging them every penny.

To all scornful politicians it would be better for you to attempt to speak now than to very shortly be kicked into the abyss.

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