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January 21, 2015


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From the responses it doesn't look like they are hearing you. You can rub the truth in their faces and they are still blind. This a problem in Westminster. They always have AN answer but rarely actually answer the question or carefully considered point.

I suppose there is a lot of profit for the private interests of the ruling class from being a relevant player on the world stage for the wrong reasons for the benefit of the wrong people.

I suppose that is part of your job as a backbencher to challenge the executive on behalf of your constituents even though they never listen. How long are we to let them have their hands on MAD.

Why would you nuke a country that was no threat to you? Arms races have started world wars before. What benefit would nuking a country have if you have already been nuked? It would be murder x 100 million.

I doubt the majority of politicians can see beyond what is in the interests of the own ego and bank account but what kind of course are they setting the world on?

They brush it off as a minor irritant because they are fools who are blinded to truth and deaf to the possible consequences of their actions. i.e the desolation of human habitation.

A desolate world without people. Or 90% plus dead in a day (civilians so its murder on an unprecedented scale). That is the game they play. I don't trust them with such power. On principle as well as the fact they have made such terrible choices.

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