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January 08, 2015


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Paul Flynn

The advice to all incumbent PMs and MPs is to refuse to take part in Election Hustings. In 1987 Tory Mark Robinson refused. I have taken part in all of them in six General Election campaigns. Just accepted the invitation for the first one arranged for Newport West.


Also, that's a far cleverer political move from Cameron than the evidence would suggest he was capable of. Someone more astute than the average Tory front bencher must be giving advice and even more astoundingly it's being listened to.

The two main parties have such a dearth of talent it's surprising they are retaining any support at all.


Undoubtedly Cameron is refusing to debate for purely tactical reasons.
A situation he could be forced out of if the Labour party insisted on the Greens being included too. But for purely tactical reasons they don't want to and in a micro event like that, Labour are still demonstrating why they are not the party to vote for and are not capable of even starting to try to be a party worth voting for.

A political party that doesn't have the backbone to do the right thing just because there is a minor advantage to them in not doing so, is worth anyone's time.

But I don't think anyone is going to be terribly surprised, a party that took roughly a year to decide whether or not to oppose the bedroom tax, when the irreparable damage it would do to people's lives would be done and not be capable of being undone by the time they'd actually have any control over it, is a party that doesn't have any instinct at all for what the right thing is, never mind the backbone to stand for it.

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