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December 29, 2014


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Paul Flynn

Thanks K. The use of the words 'social engineering' was a curious one. Migrants were dispersed to prevent excessive build-up in London. The result has been to shift the problem from London in a totally unfair way that inhibits assimilation.


The Migration Watch guy comments that what you say "smacks of social engineering" Paul, yet what, exactly, does he think the current government are trying to do by deliberately settling large numbers of immigrants and refugees in already hard-pressed working class areas yet not sharing the burden of taking more people in, in their own well-off areas?

The upper and middle classes are keen to preach about tolerance and diversity whilst being equally keen to look down their noses at us working class folk stereotyping us as ignorant and uneducated knuckle-dragging bigots.

However, it's still the same old story of when it's suggested they find space for suffering, usually poverty-stricken refugees in their own areas they seem prepared to be tolerant in as far as they wouldn't want to live next door to them! What hypocrites! Perhaps if I were a penniless refugee I wouldn't care very much to live next door to some snobby, albeit patronising middle class bigot either - regardless of the size of their bank accounts or similarly over-inflated egos!!!

After all, many of them probably only made their fortunes through exploiting immigrant workers anyway as we still have an Equal Pay Act which short-sightedly rules it okay to pay immigrant workers far less than non-immigrant workers for doing exactly the same jobs as apparently it's only unfair pay discrimination if they happened to be of different biological sex. Then the very same unscrupulous class of bosses are able to turn immigrants and non-immigrants against each other when they fire the non-immigrants from their jobs to increase their profits. It's called scapegoating minorities in order to draw attention away from the wrongs that the ruling classes are visiting upon the poor and also to divide and rule so that the workers don't unite. Now I can suggest to the people at Migration Watch that this is what is called sinister 'social engineering'!

Sorry I've gone on a bit. It's so annoying to see people manipulated in such an insidious way.

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